Grave Call


The game

Grave Call is a time-based, asymmetrical co-op based on the communication between two players, one is Buried alive and one is a police Dispatcher. A phone holds clues for the coffin’s location, which has to be identified before the battery runs out.

This game was made as a final project for my second year at Uppsala University's game education. We were to create a game with unconventional controllers, and what better way to play a game than inside of a coffin?


PLAY Festival, Hamburg 2019 - The Audience Award

Gotland Game Conference, Visby 2017 - The Innovation Award



GDC, San Francisco 2018

PLAY Festival, Hamburg 2019

 A MAZE. Festival, digital 2020

Comic Con, Stockholm 2017

Gotland Game Conference, Visby 2017

The Team

Chiara Lorusso

Julia Granstedt

Leo Jansson

Mikael Mellros

Mohamad Saleh

Robin Gerndt

Steven Kolanowski