Character Animation

I wanted to create a set of animations suitable for a third person game. I wanted them to feel responsive and have a light hearted feel.

Rig by Vladimir Mokhov and Stephanos Shino


For the run, I wanted to have a very fast and bouncy feel. I personally enjoy when games have a sprint-ability where you instantly boost yourself forward with immediate feedback. Therefore, I made a very fast cycle and added some bounciness.

Double Jump

It's every animator's dream! A logical explenation for a double jump. At this point, I had animated on the character but not really used her unique prop, the jet pack! So I figured, instead of just making a jump, why don't I add a boost to it.

Long Idle

I wanted to create a breathy, long idle. My thought initially was that the character is some kind of space cop, chasing criminals on the moon, so I wanted her to run around in high tempo, and then when she stands still, she looks around for the ones she's chasing, trying to catch her breath.